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About our organisations

RCSCC Warspite is part of the Canadian Cadet Organizations, and as a Sea Cadet Corps, is funded jointly by the Department of National Defence & The K-W Navy League.

The K-W Navy League is a non-profit, volunteer based organization.

The K-W Navy League is a branch of the Navy League of Canada (Ontario Division) and is solely funded by donations made to us from community partners, individuals, groups, and companies. All of these parties share the same goal – to ensure the ongoing success and growth of RCSCC Warspite.


Donations to the K-W Navy League are used to support the operation of RCSCC Warspite including, but not limited to:

  • Our Building (Rent, Utilities, Upkeep, Maintenance, Tables, Chairs)

  • Training Equipment (Rope, Knives, Photocopy, Markers, Whiteboards, Shooting Jackets/Mats)

  • Technology (Laptops, Projectors, TVs, Tablets)

  • Recruiting (Flyers, Website, Social Media, Booths, Tents, Advertising)

  • Optional Training & Trips (Tall Ship Training, Game Nights, Swimming, Sports, Food, Transportation)

  • Cadet Awards & Recognition (Annual Review, Medals, Plaques, Certificates, Clothing, Mess Dinner)

Without donations and support to the K-W Navy League, there would be no cadet corps.


Organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals that have donated, or provided ongoing support, to the K-W Navy League and RCSCC Warspite are more than just donors or sponsors to us, we consider them our partners. As such, the K-W Navy League is launching our Partner-Ships Community page to better support and engage our community partners, and give them a chance to benefit from their donations as well.


The K-W Navy League will soon have an online donation platform to accept donations online.

Until then, please contact to make a donation.

K-W Navy League is a registered charity under the Navy League of Canada (Ontario Division) Charity #119246635RR0013.

Tax Receipts available for donations greater than $20 upon request.

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