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Senior Cadets

Our Senior cadets are the boots on the ground, and the leaders of all aspects of the cadet program. While our officer staff handles supervision, administration, supply, and overall organization processes; the cadet program is youth led. Our Senior Cadets are the ones who make sure that the plans are put in place, followed, and provide mentorship and leadership to their fellow cadets.

Senior Cadet Leadership

Our Coxswain is our most senior cadet, they report to the Commanding Officer and are responsible for the wellbeing of all the cadets. They are the face of the corps and represent the ideals of the cadet program. 

The Regulating Petty Officer is the Coxswains right hand, they report to the Executive Officer and are responsible for the day-day on goings at the corps. They manage the other senior hands who, in turn, are responsible for their departments.

CPOC1 Yang



CPOC2 Cheng

Regulating Petty Officer


Divisional & Department heads


Senior Cadet – Terms of Reference
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