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Last Tuesday was sure an eye-opener day. With more than half of our Corps receiving promotions and awards, along with our new Cadets getting sworn in. I warn you, this article will be big, (the biggest one I've ever written) so take a deep breath as we dive into May's CDs.

First on, arguably the most important time for a Cadet is the Swear in. It is when a New Entry Cadet has shown that they intend to stay in the Corps, they then swear an Oath of Allegiance to the Crown (in this case the King) And are promoted to the Ordinary Cadet rank.

The following Cadets got sworn in last Tuesday and moved from New Entry to Ordinary Cadet:

Ordinary Cadet (OC) Diaz

Ordinary Cadet (OC)

Ordinary Cadet (OC) Bradley-Arbuckle

The three Cadets getting sworn in pictured above.

The three Cadets who got Sworn in pictured above along with Lt(N) Griffin & CP0C1 (Coxn) Yang.

Next up, the Cadet who got promoted from Ordinary Cadet to Able Cadet:

Able Cadet (AC) Eidt

AC Eidt saluting to Lt(N) Griffin.

AC Eidt pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin.

Moving on, Cadets who got promoted from Able Cadet to Leading Cadet (it's a lot):

Leading Cadet (LC) Arunkumar

Leading Cadet (LC) Garraway. R

Leading Cadet (LC) Ingram

Leading Cadet (LC)Mullings-Curlyo

Leading Cadet (LC) Rovskiy

Leading Cadet (LC) Fotheringham

Leading Cadet (LC) Jung

Leading Cadet (LC) Le Bars

Leading Cadet (LC) Lindstrom

Leading Cadet (LC) Proulx

Leading Cadet (LC) Stuckless

Leading Cadet (LC) Waterfall

Phew... Here's a picture or two

All of the Cadets who got promoted from AC to LC pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin.

Before the leap to becoming a Petty Officer or a senior, you must trench through one more book. And that is becoming a Master Cadet. Best described as an Internship before you become a PO.

The following Cadets got promoted from Leading Cadet to Master Cadet:

Master Cadet (MC) Acharya. I

Master Cadet (MC) Acharya. A

Master Cadet (MC) McInroy

Master Cadet (MC) Ramirez

Master Cadet (MC) Troy


Cadet Acharya. A pictured above shaking hands with Lt(N) Griffin.

The Cadets who got promoted from LC to MC pictured above (excluding MC Troy) with Lt(N) Griffin.

MC Troy is pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin.

Once completing the necessary training and having the proper experience, Master Cadets get promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class for P0C2 for short. Where they start to share their experience with younger Cadets by teaching lessons or helping others improve their drill for example:

The Cadets who got promoted to POC2 are:

Petty Officer Cadet 2nd Class (POC2) Brunet

Petty Officer Cadet 2nd Class (POC2) Mehta

Petty Officer Cadet 2nd Class (POC2) Miller

Petty Officer Cadet 2nd Class (POC2) Rainville-Shortall

Some pictures down below:

P0C2 Brunet, Miller & Rainville-Shortall pictured above saluting to Lt(N) Griffin.

Once again, POC2 Brunet, Miller & Rainville-Shortall pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin. Wish you were there P0 Mehta :(

The last promotion of the day was Cadets who got promoted from POC2 to Petty Officer 1st Class.

These were:

Petty Officer Cadet 1st Class (POC1) Lavigne, M

Petty Officer Cadet 1st Class (POC1) Marquis

Picture(s) below:

POC2 Lavigne. M & Marquis pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin. You can do a better smile, PO Marquis :)

As we move away from all the promotions, we move on to something very important to our Corps. Cadet of the Month. For showing extra leadership by taking on the captain position in three teams in April's SIDC Competition, insert drumroll, LC Garraway, K. is the Cadet of the Month for April!

LC Garraway. K pictured above with POC2 Miller receiving her certificate for being Cadet of the Month.

And now, take a breather, we are done. This Ceremonial Division was sure an exciting one. A better name for it would be "Promotions Galore" as I would rather call it. Can you imagine, in a day, more than half our Corps took a jump forward in their Cadet journey? If you didn't get promoted this time don't fret, remember what is next month? (Spoiler) Annuals. Thank you to everyone who came in this Tuesday, you sure do make us better! Congrats to everyone who got promoted. Godspeed till next time! Wait May the force (4th) is already over?

Special thanks to P0C2 Miller who helped take the photos of me getting promoted.

Want to see more pictures?

Head over to the photos section of our website to see more pictures of this event and others!

Written by MC Acharya. I

Edited by Lt(N) Knoop

Photos taken by MC Acharya. I & POC2 Miller

94 Warspite

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