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Big Building Update (27-Nov)

Good Day Everyone!

I know you're all hungry for updates, so here's a wrap up of all the work that's been done so far, and the work remaining. Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far, and those who will be helping us in the coming days.

Let's start at the beginning!

For those that don't know, in October RCSCC Warspite was approached by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 530, located at 316 Marsland Dr. in Waterloo, about how they could support our corps. During that discussion, they mentioned the use of their back building as a training and storage space for the corps. As part of this, we would also have use of the Legion on parade nights as well for classroom space, washrooms, a kitchen, and more. The corps and the K-W Navy League both jumped on this opportunity and started working with Br. 530 over how we could make their building a new home for the corps.

Working with the Legion, we determined a few large changes that would be made to the space prior to the cadets moving in our supplies. Here's a list of what we're working on:

  • Remove old mezzanine and storage to expand and improve structure.

  • Redirect the heating vent out of the upstairs space by turning the heater around.

  • Adding in new baseboards, switches, plugs to the new upstairs office areas

  • Running security and comm data throughout the space — cameras, network ports, Wi-Fi transmitters, AV equipment, speakers, card access, and new keys/locks.

  • Special fire rated acoustic panels to line the ceiling to provide sound dampening in the space.

  • Treating and sealing the floor with concrete paint to protect it against damage and corrosion.

  • Giving the space a nautical overhaul with a new paint job, including a wall painted in WWII ship dazzle camo.

  • A new mast, bell mount, flag locker, sheers storage, marksmanship storage, and award case.

  • And more to come in the future!

Here's a look at the space pre-construction:

Here's a picture of the work done between 12-November and 24–November (more has been done since these photos):

A big thank you to everyone who has put the time and hours into the job so far. We will be posting a big appreciation post of all our vendors and donors at the end of the project. We can't wait to recognize all the amazing support we've received.

If you'd like to donate time and/or material, please contact to see what we need and how you can help!

Here's some material you can use to how our vision, and request donations on behalf of the corps/league:

RCSCC Warspite - Building Donation Letter
Download PDF • 1.29MB

Building Vision Presentation
Download • 5.68MB

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Ishan Acharya
Ishan Acharya
27 de nov. de 2023

I’m really exited for our new home!

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