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Marine Club — Cadet of the year

This past Friday, Jan 19th, CPOC1 Yang attending the 85th Annual Marine Club Awards Dinner along with her parents and our Commanding Officer, Lt(N) Griffin.

At our Annual Review last year, CPOC1 Yang was awarded the Navy League Medal of Excellence along with her certificate naming her the Navy League of Canada — Ontario Sea Cadet of the Year. As part of this achievement, CPOC1 Yang was nominated by the Marine Club for their Sea Cadet of the Year award.

Below, you can see CPOC1 Yang receiving her award, along with pictures of some influential members she was able to interact with at the event, including:

  • Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, CMM, MSM, CD — Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy

  • Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Thomas Lizotte, MMM, CD — Command Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy.

  • Rear-Admiral (Retired) Jennifer J. Bennett, CMM, CD — Former Chief of Reserves and Cadets

  • Frank Montecalvo — President of the Marine Club

Bravo Zulu CPOC1 Yang. We are all very proud of your achievements. Your representation of RCSCC Warspite and the Sea Cadet program as a whole was well received, and many compliments were given. Please take a minute and congratulate CPOC1 Yang the next time that you see her!

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Heartiest congratulations to CPOC1 Yang in this amazing achievement.

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