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Wow, May sure went by in a breeze. But it was surely jam-packed with important events and fun that our whole Cadet Corps experienced together. This article will be a short recap of all of the main things that happened in May.

Sunday, 5th May - Battle of the Atlantic Parade

Our Cadets, gallantly dressed in their C1 (formal) uniforms headed over in the morning to the KW Naval League to parade along with members of the Canadian Navy to mark a historic event in remembrance of those great sailors we lost during the Battle of the Atlantic that happened across World War 2.

A few pictures down below:

Cadets Eidt, Rovisky and Brunet Stand as they get ready to carry the wreaths to the front of the hall.

Cadets stand at Attention as the ceremony happens.

Tuesday, 7th May - Ceremonial Divisions

I think most of us reading will remember this day, and our Cadets definitely will as this day played a pivotal role in most of our Cadets' journies. Let me explain, this was not ordinary CDs, as more than half our Corps got promoted! Along with most of the New Entries getting sworn in. All of the hard work, sweat and patience finally paid off for many of our Cadets.

A few of many pictures down below:

The New Entry Cadets ranked getting sworn in

A picture of just all the Cadets who got promoted to the Leading Cadet rank

And that wraps up May, full of well, fun, drill and no frills! (I know, even I can't believe that I made that line.) Let's look forward as we jump onto June. Where not only will we have Tallship training and several other training events for our Cadets, but we will also have the Annual Reviews. A close to a chapter, as we start reading the next one.

Photos of the Battle of Atlantic Parade were taken using P0C2 Mehta's camera - Special Thanks to him!


Head over to the photos section of this website right now!

Note this recap does not include training nights, drill/guard and other events

Written by MC Acharya. I

Edited by Lt(N) Knoop

Photos taken by MC Acharya. I

94 Warspite

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