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Updated: Jun 12

For those twenty Cadets who went on the Tall Ship training on June 1/2, it sure was an action-packed experience with tons of fun, sailing and important learning moments that Cadets sure will take away and add to their Cadet journey. This article will scratch the iceberg of last weekend's Tall Ship Training.


Saturday was not the day when we sailed. On this day, we got to know the ship by training for different roles, learning about different safety procedures and learning facts about the ship, all leading to us sailing the very next day.

Climbing on the Mast

Scared of heights? Well, this sounds just the right thing for you! Just kidding, it is only for the brave Sea Cadets of 94 Warspite to master this trade. To climb on, you need to know the basics about the different sails on the ship and the safety rules while up on the mast. Cadets wore harnesses with clips while on the mast.

LC Campbell is waiting to climb as she waits for another Cadet to finish climbing up the mast.

General Facts About the Ship - Saturday

Before sailing, Cadets were taught some of the facts and history of the ship. This is important as Cadets take this away and add it to their naval knowledge.

LC Garraway. R & LC Rovskiy watch as members of the crew give a lesson.

MC Mehta stands while a crew member gives a lesson.

Safety Procedures

No matter if it's a MOB (Man over Board) situation or a fire on the ship; Cadets need to be prepared for any circumstances. On Saturday, Cadets practised a MOB situation and also were taught how to wear a life jacket.

Cadets point at a bouy used to simulate a MOB situation.


This is the day where our Cadets got to put their practice from the previous day, into reality. We sailed almost for the whole day but we also needed to do some preparation beforehand.

Opening/Setting the Sails

This was a process in which our Cadets with the help of the crew, opened and set the sails so that we were ready to set sail. In this, Cadets had to climb up on the mast, reel in lines, climb onto the bow and receive even more training from the crew.

LC Proulx reeling in a line while preparing to set sail.

Cadets LC Garraway. R, PO Mehta & LC Rovskiy on the bow of the ship as they prepare a sail.

Line Reeling, Coiling & Sailing!

This included the sailing portion of the day. To make sure all the sails move in the right direction and stay put when in, Cadets were given this important task. While sailing, with the guidance of the crew, Cadets continuously did this during the whole time. Many Cadets learned and experienced helping to sail a ship for the first time, while others built on their previous experiences.

MC Troy and LC Le Bars smile while controlling two separate lines.

LC Le Bars quickly coils a line.

Steering the Ship

Ever driven a car? Well not me, but I have steered a ship. Cadets, under the supervision of the crew, were given an opportunity to steer the ship for a short period of time. Steering a ship is much different than a car, as it can take up to 15 seconds for the ship to respond to your steering inputs.

PO Brunet steers the ship under the supervision of the members of the crew.

After a few hours, we docked and cleaned up to ship. We left, but not in dismay. Our Cadets picked up and sharpened their seamanship, safety and on-the-ship skills. We look forward to coming next year to build upon these skills even further. And of course, we can not forget all the fun and memories we left with. An important part of our Cadet journey, that we will never forget.

Want to see more photos? Head over to the photos section of this website now!

Written by MC Acharya. I

Edited by Lt(N) Knoop

Photos taken by MC Acharya. I

94 Warspite

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