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🔔 Attention Warspite Cadets: Weekly Optional Team Training Events! 🔔

1. Drill Team Practice

  • Date: Thursday, May 2nd

  • Dropoff: 1900h

  • Pickup: 2030h

  • Dress: Civilian attire (CIV), Head dress, Boots, bring Polish/Rag

  • Location: Usual training venue

2. SR Hands Event

  • Date: Friday, May 3rd

  • Dropoff: 1845h at 283 Duke St W, Kitchener

  • Pickup: 2115h

  • Dress: Civilian Attire (Note: This event is only for Senior Hands.)

🌊 Upcoming: Battle of the Atlantic Events

  • Details for Saturday and Sunday will be posted tomorrow.

📢 Interested in Joining Warspite Cadets?

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