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K-W Poppy Fund

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As members of The Royal Canadian Legion, we strive to keep the memory alive of the Canadian men and women who paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of Canada during war and on subsequent operations since Korea. This goal is achieved through our annual Poppy Campaign and the Remembrance Day Services. The Poppy Campaign is the foundation of our Remembrance Program. We provide Canadians with the opportunity to wear a Poppy and participate at the Remembrance Day Services. Canadians are generous when they see our Poppy volunteers on the street and the collection boxes in the stores. As a result of this generosity, we are able to ensure that Veterans and their dependants are cared for and treated with the respect that they deserve. All of us must strive to never forget this solemn undertaking – it is part of the debt that we owe to those who have gone before. We also foster the Tradition of Remembrance amongst our youth, who are the leaders of tomorrow, by distributing Poppies and Remembrance learning material and sponsoring the Literary and Poster Contests. We are the Guardians of Remembrance, and the lines from John McCrae's poem ...if ye break faith with us who die we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Fields... are as true today as when they were first written.

Poppy Funds are used to provide emergency assistance which is defined as shelter, food, fuel, clothing, prescription medicine and necessary transportation for ex-service personnel and their widows/widowers. We also provide comforts for those who are hospitalized and in need. We provide bursaries to students who are children or grandchildren of Canadian ex-service persons who are in need of this assistance. We provide community medical appliances and medical research.



K-W Poppy Fund
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