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Spring is here, but the rain seems to stay, but we move on. This might be a short one, but it was an integral one in the development of our Cadet Corps. And it has become a bit of a tradition, for me to write an article about every month's CDs. So without further or do, let us take a short dive into April's Ceremonial Divisions.

I said this would be short, so first and last for showing extra initiative, helping other cadets around them and being a genuinely kind and great Cadet, I present you the Cadet of the Month, drumroll, Able Cadet Le Bars! Congratulations, and thank you for taking the extra leap in making our Corps better!

Cadet Le Bars (2nd left) pictured with Lt(N) Knoop (Left), MC Rainville (2nd Right) & CPOC1 (Coxswain) Yang (Right)

So, this CDs was a short one, but important one. But for those who enjoy my longer articles, don't worry, Next month has a (spoiler) Ceremonial Division full of promotions. Thank you everyone, and stay safe as we spring forward into next month's CDs. Sorry for the bad pun there.

Edited by Lt(N) Knoop

Written by: LC Acharya. I

Photos taken by: LC Acharya. I

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