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Last Tuesday, we had our annual CD's. It was filled with fun, promotions and important information. So here's all that happened in our March CD's.

First off, some important reminders: Summer Training applications are due March 26th! Staff applications are due ASAP! For those applying for Summer Training and are in Phase 2, choose what will interest you; think about the courses you will choose, as the courses expand in your next phase\cadet year. More information is available under the 'Administration' — '2024 Summer Training' section of our website. Good luck!

Now let us get to one of my most favourite parts about CDs: Promotions & Awards:

First up, the following cadets got promoted from Ordinary Cadet to Able Cadet:

AC     Ingram

AC     Arunkumar

AC     Waterfall

AC     Campbell

AC     Lindstrom

AC Rovskiy

The cadets who got promoted from OC to AC pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin

The following cadets who got promoted from Ordinary Cadet to Leading Cadet:

LC     Rojas

LC     Garraway, K

The cadets who got promoted from OC to LC pictured above with Lt(N) Griffin

The Cadet of the Month (*Drumroll) was Able Cadet Ingram! To get this award, you need to show extra initiative, respect and be helpful to other Cadets and officers around you.

AC Ingram pictured above with POC2 Marquis & Lt(N) Griffin

We'd like to thank CV D'Aoust for her help in making our corps better, particularly in the Marksmanship team. We wish you the best wherever you go. We will miss you!

CV D'Aoust pictured above shaking hands with Lt(N) Griffin

And that wraps up the March CD's. Congratulations to everyone who got promoted and those who won awards. Stay safe, as we look upon more to come next CD's around.

Writen by: LC Acharya. I

Edited by: Lt(N) Knoop

Photos taken by: LC Acharya. I

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