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Last Tuesday marked our CDs for February and marked our first CDs at our new location. It was full of promotions and awards for our Cadets, which will all be listed in this article.

First, we would like to acknowledge and thank Legion Branch 272 Hespeler for the donation on Tuesday and for all of the help in the past that has helped our Cadet Corps grow!

Cadet Liason, Peter Meyers of the 272 Legion pictured above

Next, let's get onto Tuesday's exciting promotions and awards:

Cadet LC McInory achieved a Pleasure Craft Operator (SCOP1) Certificate

Cadet Maclonroy pictured above with her certificate

Congrats to the following Cadets who were promoted from Ordinary Cadets to Able Cadets:

AC Fotheringham

AC Garraway,R

AC Le Bars

AC Proulx

Cadets:  AC Fotheringham, AC Garraway,R, AC Le Bars & AC Proulx pictured above

The following Cadets participated in this year's Marksmanship Team:

MC Rainville-Shortell

MC Brunet

LC Troy

OC Le Bars

OC Jung

Cadets: MC Rainville-Shortell, MC Brunet, LC Troy & OC Jung pictured above

And lastly, LC Ramirez was Cadet of the Month:

LC Ramirez pictured above with CPOC1 Yang

And that wraps it up for this month's CDs awards & promotions. This was an exciting CDs with many promotions and awards. It was also monumental for our Cadet Corps as it was our first CDs at our new location. As our Cadet Corps moves forward, we look to future CDs to see what more we can achieve as a Cadet Corps, and look back at what we all have achieved.

Writen by LC Acharya. I

Photos Taken by LC Acharya. I

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