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Recap: Christmas Mess Dinner

Last week we had our annual Christmas Mess Dinner. From a memorable night to promotions, here's everything that happened.

It is tradition for the youngest Cadet at the dinner to be honoured as President of the Mess for the dinner, this year it was OC Campbell.

OC Campbell in the "Captains Suit"

Since the dinner counted as our CD's of the month, we announced some exiting promotions and badges, here's all of them:

MC Rainville had a exiting night:

He was promoted from a Leading Cadet to a Master Cadet.

He achieved a Level 3 Range Certificate.

He was also named Cadet of the Month.

MC Rainville pictured above with Lt(N) Knoop reciving his Range Certificate

MC Rainville pictured above with his three certificates

We had several other Range Certificates as well! We had the following:

OC Le Bars - Level 1 

MC Brunet - Level 1

MC Mehta - Level 2 & Achieved 90 On A Competition Target

LC Troy - Level 2

LC Rainville - Level 3

MC Brunet & OC Le Bars pictured above with Lt(N) Knoop with their range certificates.

MC Mehta & OC Troy pictured above with Lt(N) Knoop reciving their range certificates

And we had our first cadets to ever recive the CO's Challenge Coins, awarded for extra cadet initiative & help:

OC Rojas

LC Ramirez

OC Le Bars

These three cadets each raised over $500 dollars during our poinsettia!

Cadets OC Rojas, LC Ramirez & OC Le Bars Reciving their CO's Challenge Coins

Lastly, a big thank you to our guests, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 530, 272, 50 and HMCS Star for attending our dinner. A big thank you to the K-W Naval association for running and providing the amazing dinner and joining us as well. A big thank you to Br 272, Br 50, and the K-W Naval Assoxiation for your generous donations to our renovations!

That wraps this up! We finished this years Christmas Mess Dinner with a bang! Or, maybe in better terms, we as a Cadet Corps have made a lot of achievements this year. And our Cadets showed us that there is always more to achieve this Ceremonial Divisions.

BZ Everyone!

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