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Lt(N) Daniel Knoop

Executive Officer

Lt(N) Daniel Knoop has been involved in the cadet program for over 23 years, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces Reserves in the Cadet Instructor Cadre in 2012.

During his time as a cadet, Lt(N) Knoop served as the Chief Boatswains Mate for 6 years before taking over as Coxswain of the corps. For optional teams, he served as a member, captain, and/or coach of Marksmanship, Band, Sheerlegs, Gyn, Sea Quiz, Heaving Line, Semaphore, Flag Hoist, Drill with/without Arms, and First Aid,

He attended General Training, Boatswain TG 1-3, and two summers of Staff between CTC Ontario in Kingston, ON, CTC Quadra in Comox, BC, and CTC Acadia in Cornwallis, NS. He also participated in the Seamanship Concentration Program in Esquimalt, BC. In fall 2007 he as selected for Tall Ship Deployment and served 3 weeks on the TS Maple Leaf, sailing the BC Coast and visiting Comox, Victoria, Alert Bay, Port Hardy, and Kitimat.

As a cadet, Lt(N) Knoop was awarded the Long Service Medal, Legion Medal of Excellence, and The Lord Strathcona Medal of Excellence. He was also recognized by the City of Woodstock with an Award of Excellence for his Cadet service to the city. As a cadet, he had more than 400 community service hours.

In 2007, Lt(N) Knoop moved with his wife, Melanie, to Kitchener, ON and transferred to RCSCC Warspite.

In his civilian life, he is an eCommerce Manager for Graybar Canada, and a Supervisor at OnSite Medical Services.

Lt(N) Knoop also holds the following Cadet Qualifications: Range Safety Officer, PCOC Instructor, ROC-M Instructor, PHASE Coordinator, and Positive Space Ambassador


Lt(N) Daniel Knoop
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